Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Xubuntu option to be removed from Wubi

It looks like Xubuntu will no longer be offered with Wubi, from release 12.10 onwards.

I was browsing the Wubi code the other day and noticed this revision: Drop Wubi for Xubuntu at the request of Pasi Lallinaho. Pasi Lallinaho is the project lead for Xubuntu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PasiLallinaho/

Xubuntu is typically used on lower spec hardware so it's probably not a big surprise to see this move. The minimum requirements for Xubuntu typically are lower than that of the Ubuntu installer (ubiquity) so in some cases the Wubi install would fail when a normal Xubuntu install would succeed. But I don't know the real reason behind this move.


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  2. xnox: knome: why was wubi option removed for xubuntu?
    knome: xnox, no testers, and our experience is that wubi simply brings more problems
    xnox: knome: ok.
    knome: we're trying to cut any workload that isn't highly beneficial

    1. Thanks for digging that up. It actually makes a lot of sense, if you consider that with the 12.04.1 update of Wubi, none of the sub-flavours of Ubuntu even work with Wubi anymore (only pure Ubuntu).