Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wubi - not gone, but very much broken

It appears that Ubuntu devs/Canonical are following through on their promise to remove Wubi support (such that it was). They said they'd do this for release 13.04 and finally for release 15.04 there doesn't appear to be a Wubi.exe. It's not on the release website:

Fine, no one can blame them for shelving the unpopular product - never mind that most of the problems with Wubi weren't difficult: they were simply bugs that no one cared about fixing. Well, that's not the whole story. In many cases the bugs were fixed, but the Ubuntu installer team didn't care to promote them (they had full control over Wubi).
Think about that for a second... a 5 line patch (average size) that would take all of 5 minutes to review and promote... but in some cases it took over a year to address. I know, because I patched a few myself.

So here we had a buggy product, getting flack from all sides. But the irony is that it was targeted and readily available to the most vulnerable of Ubuntu users - absolute beginners - who had no warning that it wasn't 'recommended': It is the first thing that pops up when you insert an Ubuntu DVD in Windows.

Ironically, even though Wubi was to be 'no longer supported' since 13.04 - the normal Ubuntu installer (ubiquity) has been offering to install Wubi when it detects all four primary partitions are used (on a MBR formatted disk). It STILL will do this with 15.04. There is still a Wubi.exe on the 15.04 ISO (it happens to be the broken one from 14.10) and that's enough for ubiquity's logic to be triggered.

So this gets me to my point (eventually). I get it that Wubi should be dropped - no one is willing to support it... But can someone remove it as well?!

Let's just consider for a moment that Wubi has actually been fully fixed. It runs on 14.04, 14.10, 15.04. It evens runs on EFI systems. All these patches have been submitted by the hardworking user hakuna_matata.

So it's not like they can't actually fix it. And of course they could remove it properly, but no.

For most people try to avoid Wubi. Don't put Ubuntu DVD's or USB sticks into your Windows computer (or if you do don't let the autorun application run). It's securely signed by Canonical, but this doesn't mean it's fit to run (it's not). Frankly, I'd be embarrassed to be associated with a company that signs something that rubbish.

If you're someone who really is sure they want Wubi, then use hakuna_matata's versions available here. Obviously I can't vouch for .exe files you pull from drop box, but I've built and run them from the code published on launchpad. You can build Wubi as well: I have a post on how to compile Wubi  on this blog which you can do from an Ubuntu VM on Windows, for instance. Again, not sure that this is really anyone's cup of tea, but ... that's how you can do it.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Wubi for Ubuntu 14.10 doesn't work

Good news and bad news

Wubi for 14.10 now recognizes and prevents installing on computers with EFI firmware. This saves those users from going through the entire installation and ending up with an obscure wubildr.mbr error. That's good and it's my patch that has finally been promoted after a 1.5 year delay (for unknown reasons).

The bad news is that Wubi no longer works for computers with BIOS firmware either, but you'll have to go through the entire installation to find out. This seems to be due to a libparted issue in the latest version of ubiquity (Ubuntu's main installer).

So, as per my previous advice... avoid Wubi. But if you must use it, don't use 14.10's Wubi and instead see my previous post on how to install 14.04.1 Wubi.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Installing Ubuntu 14.04.1 with Wubi

Some people still want to install Wubi. Even though I would say that it's not supported. Not really. But it's still produced.
So what happened with 14.04 and 14.04.1. First off, there were some problems because the root.disk is always mounted ro (readonly), and then remounted rw (read-write) during the boot process, but starting with 14.04 the readonly option seems to be applied to the creation of the loop device, and this doesn't allow remounting as read-write. So 14.04 fails to boot unless you change the initial mount option to rw. (Hold down Shift key at boot, edit the grub entry. Ctrl+X to boot. Not pretty.)

And then the devs forgot to produce the Wubi.exe for 14.04.1.

But still some people want to install it. Here's how:

1. Download the ISO for Ubuntu 14.04.1
2. Download the Wubi.exe for Ubuntu 14.04
3. Save these in the same directory
4. Turn off your internet connection
5. Run Wubi.exe and complete the install (WITHOUT REBOOTING)
6. Turn back on the internet
7. Reboot.
8. Let Ubuntu install and reboot
9. Select Ubuntu from the Windows menu, and hold down the SHIFT key
10. Press E to edit the ubuntu entry. Change the readonly (ro) to readwrite (rw) as follows:

linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-32-generic root=UUID=55B018A020A3F99A loop=/ubuntu/disks/root.disk ro rootflags=sync quiet splash $vt_handoff

To read:
linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-32-generic root=UUID=55B018A020A3F99A loop=/ubuntu/disks/root.disk rw rootflags=sync quiet splash $vt_handoff

11. Hit Ctrl+X to boot
12. Save yourself some bother and modify the script /etc/grub.d/10_lupin so that you don't have to do this everytime you boot. Instructions here: Ubuntu 14.04 not booting after error message. /tmp could not be mounted

That is the simplest fix, however it's best to patch the file /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local as shown here (run update-initramfs -u afterwards).

Edited 2014-11-07: corrected description of why the boot process fails with the ro option

Thursday, April 4, 2013

End of an era? Wubi pulled from release 13.04.

Wubi has never seemed very popular amongst mainstream Ubuntu users - maybe because it requires Windows - so it's not really surprising that support for it at at Canonical has finally run out, but there are some other factors involved.

The problems
There are three main issues that led to this decision:

  1. All computers with Windows 8 pre-installed come with UEFI, and therefore have GPT disks which grub4dos does not support. And Wubi requires grub4dos in it's current form, so it doesn't work.
  2. The 13.04 disk-images (pre-installed Ubuntu images) that Wubi uses were broken for some unknown reason.
  3. Even without the disk-images it is possible to use an Ubuntu ISO to install Wubi, however, another bug prevented the 64-bit version of Ubuntu working with Wubi.
The decision
Based on IRC logs, these three issues were discussed during a release meeting and it was quickly decided that it wasn't worth it to put in the effort. This decision was then taken to Canonical and apparently no-one there had any objections. It was then posted to the Ubuntu Devel mailing list and, again, no objections.

Is Wubi really gone?
So, decision made. However, apparently the 12.04.2 Wubi.exe will still be available, as will the 12.10 Wubi.exe, which means there is support until at least Apr 2014 (for 12.10) and Apr 2017 (for 12.04). It's also possible to upgrade from a previous install - so anyone who really wants Wubi can get it without too much hassle. And a case in point is when Xubuntu was pulled from Wubi 12.10, my blog post on how to trick Wubi into installing Xubuntu became the most popular on this site.

It should be straightforward to generate a working Wubi for 13.04, notwithstanding the 3 issues shown above. Problem 2 and 3 are basically solvable with a single configuration file change. No, it won't solve the UEFI issue (problem 1), but - the truth is, even installing a normal dual boot with UEFI is not exactly problem free: the current community recommendation for installing it is to use an unofficial boot-repair tool to make up for the myriad of bugs associated with this "improvement to BIOS". And since there are still many people with computers that don't support UEFI, Wubi will still work.

How popular has Wubi been?
I'm really curious on the actual stats on Wubi use. It's clear it's been popular amongst newcomers to Ubuntu, but it'd be interesting to see the actual stats and weigh that against the quick decision to pull it. Either way, it's clear that it has helped bring many people to Ubuntu.

**Update April 25 - Release date**
With the release of Ubuntu 13.04, no change was made to the decision to discontinue support, despite a patch being provided by me for all three bugs. However, a signed, patched (all except the UEFI issue) version of wubi.exe is currently available at so it's unclear what's up.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wubi missing i386 architecture

Just a quick post to highlight a bug in the disk images for Wubi 64-bit. It's supposed to have multiarch support so you can install 32-bit packages, but it's missing. I don't know a lot about it - other than to notice the bug report and a bunch of user support requests, but it looks like the way around it is to run:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Note that this only affects users who installed 64-bit Ubuntu by running wubi.exe standalone. If you installed from the ISO or installed any other flavour e.g. Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Mythbuntu it wouldn't apply.

#ubuntu IRC channel logs for Jan 2013: Lines containing "Wubi"

[03:30] <bazhang> acu, is this a dualboot? a wubi install? or standalone ubuntu
[04:18] <jman> so yeah i had ubuntu booting successfully after doing a wubi and for some reason today i got a grub prompt
[04:20] <cfhowlett> jman, why wubi?  wubi is for TESTING ubuntu according to the developers.  It is not intended as a long term storage option.  Better to virtualbox or, ideally, dual boot ...
[13:47] <FlowRiser> can't even boot of usb because of password, can't install from wubi ... i'm stuck using windows
[13:47]  * cfhowlett *wubi*  shudder ...
[13:50] <cfhowlett> hambone2, ubuntu for windows is wubi.  Not recommended except for testing ubuntu
[13:59] <FlowRiser> BluesKaj, i tried booting of cd, usb, wubi, assisted boot, parting a partition and installing manually on that (didn't have enough permisiions to do that)
[23:53] <lolcat> How may I mount a wubi .disk image?
[23:53] <C4zz1dy> wubi is an .exe installer
[06:54] <Nerdshank> think wubi would work good?
[06:55] <Tex_Nick> Nerdshank : UEFI might be an issue for you ... and wubi is usually a poor choice
[08:53] <majnoon> wubi prob be better i think for that then
[08:54] <ikonia> wubi would be the worse possible solusiton
[08:54] <majnoon> though i DID find one problem with wubi and windows 8 (not a major one)
[08:55] <ikonia> majnoon: no-one is asking about wubi
[14:31] <p1l0t> ikonia This is installed on the harddrive but I did do a wubi instead of wiping the whole harddrive like I usually do
[14:31] <ikonia> p1l0t: why would you do wubi if you've removed windows 7 ?
[14:32] <Guest78516> im going to wubi lucid then
[14:40] <ikonia> p1l0t: I have no idea, as I don't know your wubi setup, but a clean install will not be a problem as you describe
[17:20] <escott> sorbanos_, keep in mind he is using wubi
[20:16] <m0ntra> I installed using wubi
[20:18] <MonkeyDust> wubi :(
[20:23] <m0ntra>
[02:23] <DaemeonZane> Need some help. I'm uding WUBI to install 12.10, and I've gotten hung up. Output is as follows: ubuntu kernel: [840.440194]  [<c15d04fe>] kernel_thread_helper+0x6/0x10
[10:32] <meet> ok should i go for the wubi installation or dual boot
[10:32] <meet> on wubi
[10:33] <domie> wubi is just awesomesauce in my opinion
[10:33] <cfhowlett> meet: wubi is intended for ubuntu testing, not long-term installation.
[10:34] <meet> i have been using wubi based installation for nearly an year now.. i have a separate drive for that even if its not needed..
[10:39] <domie> meet, if you are still doing a wubi installation, then just backup the current folder where you have it installed, uninstall it, and install the new one
[10:44] <domie> has anyone tried wubi and normal install on the same machine and noticed any performance differences?
[10:45] <usr13> domie: wubi is a pseudo system.
[10:46] <meet> usr13: i currently have 12.04 using wubi
[10:47] <domie> usr13, i was just wondering if there are advantages to a normal install that would make me switch from my wubi install
[10:48] <meet_> usr13: i currently have 12.04 using wubi...but it is  quite buggy.. makes m e switch over to win7 immediately within 10 min!!
[10:48] <usr13> meet_: I don't doubt it. wubi is just a pseudo system.
[10:49] <cfhowlett> meet: consider: wubi creates an ubuntu "image" that is subject to all the breakages that plague windows.
[10:49] <meet_> while uninsstalling wubi.. i just remove it from windows like any other program right? usr13
[10:51] <cfhowlett> meet: see
[12:32] <worm> My Ubuntu 12.10 (installed via wubi) can't start up. It stucked after loaded modem-manager and started bluetooth, mDNS daemon. What can I do to fix that?
[12:44] <worm> Ubuntu 12.10 installed via wubi. Just Ubuntu with everything default.
[12:48] <MonkeyDust> worm  don't use wubi, it's meant for testing ubuntu, better install wubi on its own partition, outside windows
[12:48] <MonkeyDust> worm  don't use wubi, it's meant for testing ubuntu, better install ubuntu on its own partition, outside windows <- correction
[12:48] <cfhowlett> worm: if you're unsure you want ubuntu, test it in wubi or in virtualbox.  for long term installation, consider dualbooting
[12:49] <worm> MonkeyDust: Actually I am not the one who installed that system... It is my classmate and he just read some guidelines or suggestions and finished installation via wubi. He don't want to re-install the system D: Any other solutions?
[12:50] <MonkeyDust> worm  what i'm saying is: wubi is not a real installation
[12:56] <MonkeyDust> worm  start here
[13:25] <MonkeyDust> worm  wubi is a very limited test-installation
[13:28] <MonkeyDust> worm
[13:29] <worm> MonkeyDust: I see and that is only the thing I can do if he still use wubi. However as you suggest us not to use wubi, that become a problem. Any way to back-up the system if it is installed into a hard drive?
[13:30] <MonkeyDust> worm  i'm out of ideas for wubi, maybe someone else can help
[05:47] <PatrickDickey> orbitwhite: are you thinking about the wubi install maybe?
[06:07] <logi> do you recommend using the Wubi?
[06:07] <undefined_> i'm using wubi
[06:07] <zebaszp> logi, wubi is somewhat unstable and has lower performance compared to a full ubuntu installation
[06:08] <PatrickDickey> undefined_: I'm sorry. :) (wubi is bad). Still the folder will be in your home folder. cd ~/.xchat2/
[06:08] <orbitwhite> who on earth needs wubi, just asking of curiousity
[06:09] <bazhang> !wubi | logi have a read then
[06:09] <ubottu> logi have a read then: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. and for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10
[06:10]  * PatrickDickey I haven't seen anyone successfully use wubi..  But that's just my .02 worth.
[02:03] <zg> (I used wubi to install ubuntu)
[02:04] <dr_willis> most people in here learn to avoid wubi. ;)
[02:04] <dr_willis> theres tools out there to convert a wubi install to a hd install
[02:04] <bentinata> huh, I use wubi, but my system on ext4
[02:05] <dr_willis> wubi installs into a file thats got ext4 INSIDE the file. mounted via the loop  back features
[02:07] <bentinata> dr_willis, if I format the disk with wubi
[02:08] <bekks> bentinata: You do not format any disks using wubi :)
[02:08] <dr_willis> bentinata:   wubi installs ubuntu to a file on the windows drive.. not sure what you  formated..
[02:09] <bentinata> I booted with an USB stick, it's wubi right?
[02:09] <bentinata> or wubi is just installation on windows?
[02:09] <magiK_> bentinata, no wubi is ran from inside windows
[02:09] <magiK_> bentinata, do not use wubi it is very slow
[02:10] <dr_willis> well wubi installs from insode windows.. but you boot the wubi install and are not RUNNING wubi inside windows.
[02:10] <magiK_> dr_willis, Even so wubi is significantly slower
[02:11] <magiK_> dr_willis, I use to run ubuntu through wubi and it fragmented my hd so fast it's not even funny
[02:12] <dr_willis> i dont use wubi. so i dont worry about wubi
[02:12] <bentinata> why people use wubi? basic installation isn't so difficult
[02:12] <dr_willis> i keep waiting for wubi to get removed from the  disks
[02:12] <magiK_> dr_willis, ;) yeah wubi is cool just for someone to try out and see if they will like ubuntu
[04:01] <dr_willis> windows installer is wubi
[04:01] <jake_> yes i used wubi
[04:02] <dr_willis> avoid wubi
[04:04] <dr_willis> jake_: the installer will not remove a wubi install
[04:04] <bazhang> jake_, not with wubi, no. add/remove in windows to remove that wubi
[04:04] <jake_> how do i remove a wubi install?
[04:08] <dr_willis> wubi is in the windows add/remove programs list
[08:56] <somsip> chamunks: colinux, cygnix, wubi, dual-boot, ubuntu only. That was my way
[19:32] <angs> I installed wubi a month ago. Recently when ubuntu 12.10 is started, I don't have any network interface working. During the start up I get "booting system without full network configuration" warning. how can I solve the problem?
[22:09] <Niyakun> can the newest ubuntu run under windows 8 using wubi?
[22:09] <daftykins> Niyakun: i would highly recommend never even thinking of using WUBI
[06:32] <dr_willis> Stephini:  thats a wubi install.. and tends to be problematic.. i would suggest not using wubi
[14:01] <Ratheka> Can the wubi installer completely clear an existing drive instead of splitting it?
[14:02] <BluesKaj> !wubi | Ratheka
[14:02] <ubottu> Ratheka: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. and for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10
[14:05] <BluesKaj> Ratheka, wubiwon't clear any data off a drive or partition , it only exists as a file within windows
[14:05] <nearst> ive some question, wubi allow me to boot linux and chroot fs ? ive no usb drive for boot my lost mbr
[17:33] <Grandpa_smashy> Did you use wubi?
[19:53] <k1l> teazel: the wubi (windows installer) installs the ubuntu into a container inside the windows system. i dont know how to recover that. and honestly i would recommend to make a native install
[19:56] <FlowRiser> BroUnicorn, i won't have that problem lol, i'm using wubi
[19:58] <teazel> k1l: eh I will probably just use Wubi. Thanks though
[19:59] <k1l> teazel: wubi causes alot of problems that dont appear on native installs. so most user recommend a nativ instal
[20:10] <FlowRiser> I have a problem, i used wubi to install ubuntu 12.04; the unity-greeter shows another username, i can still log in using ctrl-alt-f1 using my own username, but i have no ideea how to turn on the gui stuff; How do i turn on the gui stuff (unity+compiz) ?
[22:06] <alabala> Hi can someone give me a link from where I can download wubi
[22:06] <iceroot> alabala:
[12:13] <cfhowlett> famax8, wait, you used the windows installer?  wubi?
[12:53] <raddy_> wubi method is very slow
[12:53] <ThinkT510> raddy_: avoid wubi
[12:54] <cfhowlett> raddy_, wubi should be your LAST resort.  DEAD last.
[18:48] <addi> hey guys, does the WUBI installer for Ubuntu 12.10 not work on Windows 8? fails to open for me :X
[18:48] <Eldrek> addi I have found that wubi doesn't work with UEFI
[18:49] <MonkeyDust> addi  do'nt try wubi, you'll get frustrated
[18:50] <vfw> addi: Not sure if it does or not, but I would recomend a real insall, either on a USB drive or an internal one. wubi is ok, sort of and sort of not so ok, it's just for demo purposes IMO
[18:51] <addi> just that I've installed Mint a lot of times through WUBI, so wanted to make sure if Windows 8 was the problem
[20:20] <MonkeyDust> Devaki  don't use wubi
[20:20] <Devaki> what's wubi ?
[20:21] <MonkeyDust> Devaki  wubi is the windows installer and i don't have facebook myself :)
[20:21] <dpurgert> Devaki, wubi is the Windows-based Ubuntu installer ... thing
[20:25] <Devaki> then wubi it is !
[22:30] <SonikkuAmerica> adro_: If it's a Wubi install, you'll find your Windows stuff under the /host/ folder
[01:02] <kunji> bubba99: Ubuntu uses the linux kernel.  It is possible to run it in a virtual environment that might have a different host OS, for instance in VMWare.  Or are you asking about the Wubi installer?  I'm not exactly sure how the Wubi installer works.
[06:21] <cfhowlett> neil098, by any chance did you use the windows/wubi installer?
[15:43] <SonikkuAmerica> chris154, how do you plan to install it, Wubi or separate?
[18:00] <joe9> I tried to install ubuntu with the wubi_install.exe. The installation instructions use C:/ to install. I installed it to the D: drive as my C: does not have enough space.
[18:03] <joe9> or, could the wubi_install.exe change the boot sector of the D:/ drive whereas the BIOS uses the C:/ drive to boot.
[18:10] <jhutchins_wk> joe9: Sorry, no knowledge of wubi.
[18:11] <joe9> jhutchins_wk: any suggestions on where I can find the wubi questions answered?
[18:12] <l057c0d3r> joe9 sorry missed your question.. what was it??  i have a wubi install and know a bit about it
[18:13] <joe9> l057c0d3r: i installed wubi to D: drive, but, on reboot, I do not see the grub menu. It directly boots into windows.
[18:13] <joe9> will the wubi install update the mbr's of all disks?
[19:25] <joe9> my wubi installation keeps failing with this message:
[20:03] <jjason> anybody know if wubi can handle trim yet?
[20:06] <jjason> bekks: since win7 i have just used wubi, but now i have an ssd..
[21:15] <ActionParsnip> Funky: strange. are you using wubi at all?
[21:16] <MonkeyDust> wubi :(
[21:16] <ActionParsnip> Funky: good, wubi is awful
[23:52] <ActionParsnip> cooflar_: did you install using wubi?
[23:55] <ActionParsnip> cooflar_: no idea why that isn't default, I always advise it. It is the ONLY good thing about wubi imho
[23:57] <cooflar_> ActionParsnip: So the next question :P Is nautilus the default file browser? Or do i need to download it? Well I probably have somewhere, but couldn't find it. Theres alot of downsides using wubi?
[13:23] <cfhowlett> Guest29043, you mean the wubi/windows installer?
[13:24] <cfhowlett> Guest29043, fyi, wubi is designed for testing ubuntu, not long term installation.  If you want windows and ubuntu, I'd urge you to consider virtualbox or dual booting.
[15:49] <PokemonAcer> Hey, did you know that if you use wubi from the discs you can send of for, you CANNOT install it with windows
[15:49] <PokemonAcer> You have to download the wubi installer from
[15:50] <|nv|s|b|e> lol, using wubi is like towing a mack truck with a volkswagon
[16:24] <habstinat> I tried to install Ubuntu (or rather, Edubuntu) via Wubi but it failed. Here is the logfile: <> What could be causing it to fail? How can it be fixed?
[23:28] <Tex_Nick> wingman182 : have you looked at ...
[00:40] <PatrickDickey> !wubi | rdp1408 The information here might help you to troubleshoot your installation.
[00:40] <ubottu> rdp1408 The information here might help you to troubleshoot your installation.: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. and for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10
[04:45] <MrGizmo757> dose Wubi work ok with Windows 8 Pro? has anybody tried it?
[04:45] <magn3ts> MrGizmo757, do you *really* want wubi? ask yourself that first.
[04:46] <tylerwoodward> I wouldn't recommend Wubi either. If you burn the ISO it'll let you install it next to Windows 8.
[04:47] <MrGizmo757> i alredy have windows 8.  i had driver issues with this current vertion of ubuntu and i found a PPA that might fix it. i just wanted to do it with Wubi incase it didnt work. if this postential fix dose work then ill go for the full install.  thats what my plan is anyways.
[04:49] <MrGizmo757> Wubi just seemed like a better option for testing since it can easily be removed if it fails. thats what im thinking anyways
[04:50] <Marcin_> Wubi is for Newbi.s :P
[06:00] <Noskcaj> koveras0927, Wubi?
[01:54] <thalib> the error is c:\users\owner\appdata\local\temp\wubi-12.10-rev273.log
[01:55] <devnull_> oh wubi
[01:55] <ActionParsnip> thalib: so you are using wubi?
[01:55] <ActionParsnip> thalib: why did you not say you were using wubi?
[01:56] <ActionParsnip> thalib: yes, if you open the USB stick in windows it will offer you wubi
[01:56] <devnull_> i would say ... only use wubi if you have to ... not sure if you have to or not
[01:56] <ActionParsnip> thalib: oh hell no, wubi is nasty
[01:57] <ActionParsnip> thalib: I recommend you use add/remove programs to pull wubi off
[01:59] <HonestAbe> oh man, I remember my first linux install, it was a migrated wubi install on a netbook, what a nightmare.
[02:09] <ActionParsnip> thalib: did you uninstall wubi?
[02:10] <thalib> and also i just want to tell the ubuntu that was downloaded has wubi on the usb stick
[02:42] <aartist> dr_willis: I am on laptop... with intel machine and installed ubuntu via wubi. and works good everyday. I can reboot and it may work fine.. but I like to make it working without rebooting.
[02:43] <HonestAbe> not necessarily to fix whatever problem, but wubi installs are problematic to say the least
[09:09] <krz> does the wubi installer do everything, if i were to install from a cd?
[09:10] <dr_willis> krz:  most peoplr avoid wubi. it can be flakey
[09:13] <krz> no limitations, as noticed with wubi?
[09:15] <Sehnder_> Although even using the wubi installer had issues- it can't complete copying to the drive I designate
[09:16] <MonkeyDu1t> Sehnder_  yes, wubi is very limited, better not use it
[16:29] <madwilliamflint> Morning everyone.  Is there a significant performance hit for a 'wubi' install given that it's installing over the top of ntfs?
[22:02] <Slart> kunji: ahh.. it's a wubi thing?
[19:59] <Wizek> Hello! I have a fresh wubi install of Ubuntu 12.10 x64 and try to install 32bit apps (such as skype and steam) but I get this error: "Wrong architecture (i386)". I googled a bit, and found that I need 'ia32-libs', however trying to install it yields: 'ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch but it is not installable'. What can I do now?
[20:00] <MonkeyDust> Wizek  wubi may be the problem, it's meant for testing ubuntu -- better install ubuntu on its own partition
[20:04] <Wizek> MonkeyDust: that doesn't seem right. Why would wubi have an effect on wheter apt-get sees a package or does not?
[20:05] <MonkeyDust> Wizek  what i'm saying is: instead of struggling with wubi, do a 'real' ubuntu install
[20:06] <Wizek> MonkeyDust: what would you recommend if this error was on a non-wubi system?
[20:40] <MonkeyDust> Wizek  it's only wubi, not much lost if things go wrong, give it a try
[20:50] <Wizek> MonkeyDust: I owe you an apology. It does have to do with wubi, so sorry for doubting you on that one. But, fortunatelly, there was a very easy solution: "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386" ia32-libs is installing right now, fingers crossed for skype and steam :) after that
[23:16] <jrtappers> vinceakavince, why not wubi?
[23:17] <jrtappers> vinceakavince, OH yh, XP = no wubi, sorry
[08:08] <Geet> hi.. I used ubuntu using wubi for over 12 months now.. thought that was the safest way to try it out.. but now that i have done it i would like to dual boot my system with win7.. so is the wubi installation convertable to a dual boot?
[08:12] <mh`>
[08:15] <XRS1> did not know about that wubi move script
[10:44] <MonkeyDust> Cur10u8  that's called wubi
[10:44] <MonkeyDust> Cur10u8  wubi is meant not a real installation, it's for testing purposes, better install ubuntu on its own partition
[10:45] <warfar> lol i installed wubi on its own partion
[10:48] <MonkeyDust> Cur10u8  i have not enough experience with wubi, sorry, and i do not advice to use it
[10:50] <MonkeyDust> Cur10u8
[10:54] <Cur10u8> @MonkeyDust how can i install ubuntu on my pc without wubi?
[10:57] <warfar> but this happened after i made a new wubi disk
[10:58] <ActionParsnip> Warfar: are you using wubi now?
[11:02] <warfar> ActionParsnip, my wubi is on a seperate partion than windows
[11:04] <ActionParsnip> Warfar: and, if you installed wubi on a different partition to Windows, why not do a proper install?
[15:49] <nemos> kylescottmcgill: no i dont. I tried to install it with wubi but it cannot see the install file after reboot so i am trying this instead
[19:47] <__Alex_> Hello, could someone using Wubi post me his /boot/grub/grub.cfg in a pastebin? I'm interested to see how it works
[19:49] <__Alex_> Or can someone explain me in-depht how wubi works, and how I can make grub emulate a disk, not just saying "It emulates a disk"?
[21:29] <Maverick_Hunter> everytime I install via wubi or boot via liveCD my system freezes
[21:30] <ActionParsnip> Maverick_Hunter: why use Wubi?
[21:30] <Maverick_Hunter> ActionParsnip: I used wubi because LiveCD failed, I have an Nvidia 8600GT
[21:33] <ActionParsnip> Maverick_Hunter: it will be what is causing the issue with the live CD and you can use a real install instead of nasty Wubi
[01:27] <Shayde> I'm using wubi to install ubuntu on my windows 7 computer but i keep getting an error when i first select ubuntu from the boot options saying: "error: cannot read '/dev/sda' : Input/output error" followed by a different colored screen with "Invalid ROM contents, no valid vbios image found" then it goes into the ubuntu splash screen that says "checking disk drives for errors"
[01:33] <Shayde> This error is saying Invalid ROM contents, no valid VBIOS image found when I am trying to install ubuntu through wubi
[01:47] <Shayde> :D Alright so I'm trying to install ubuntu 12.10 using wubi on my windows 7 laptop, everything goes fine until when i boot into it, it repeats this error: "error: cannot read '/dev/sda' : Input/output error" followed by a different colored screen with "Invalid ROM contents, no valid vbios image found" then it goes into the ubuntu splash screen that says "checking disk drives for errors"
[01:51] <Gerowen> Shayde: I've heard of some people having issues with Wubi on some hardware.
[02:31] <mechlior> Does anyone know if there are issues with ubuntu connecting to the net if you use wubi to install?
[02:33] <dr_willis> mechlior:  wubi has lots of issues.. but the drivers and networking shoul dbe the same as a normal install
[02:33] <mechlior> Im sorry, i installed ubuntu 12.10 via wubi and the network connections find my ethetnet port and show a mac address, but keeps sayin that my wired connection is disconnected.  I reboot back into windows and the internet is running fine.
[08:07] <photon> Hello I had installed ubuntu with wubi but I was running out of space. So I uninstalled it and burned a copy of ubuntu on a cd and tried to install it with split partition. It was going well but then towards the end it told me that the disk was corrupt
[08:08] <photon> I can't even install Wubi again
[08:08] <dr_willis> wubi installs to some directory on the c:  see if its still there.   I dont recall its name
[09:48] <dr_willis> the .exe would be a wubi insgtall.. its best to avoid wubi
[12:41] <apos> Mathias,  what do you mean install it in windows? you meen wubi?
[12:41] <Mathias> apos: doesn't wubi mess with windows' bootloader?
[12:42] <apos> Mathias,  wubi installs linux as if it is a windows application
[22:22] <auronandace> bibi23: avoid a wubi install, not worth the hassle
[22:22] <escott> bibi23, i would recommend not using wubi
[22:24] <k1l> bibi23: dont use wubi :/
[22:25] <damselfly9> some reports suggest wubi not working from win 8
[02:13] <compile> I'm trying to install 12.10 using wubi
[23:23] <SonikkuAmerica> Big problem: Anytime I try to play a video ANYWHERE in Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit under Wubi, I get snow along with the picture. Any ideas?
[23:26] <SonikkuAmerica> (2) Big problem: Anytime I try to play a video ANYWHERE in Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit under Wubi, I get snow along with the picture. Any ideas?
[07:04] <FlowRiser> wald0, wubi installer
[07:16] <dr_willis> wald0:  if you mean the tool that installs ubuntu INSIDE windows into a  full session on the windows Hard drive.. that would be  'wubi'
[07:24] <mechelle69> files are .disk, casper, install,preseed, boot, dists, isolinux, pool, and some documents: md5sum, autorun, readmediskdefines, and wubi
[16:01] <seel> speaking of installing, what's the difference between wubi and dual-booting?
[16:01] <BluesKaj> !wubi | seel
[16:01] <ubottu> seel: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. and for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10
[16:01] <MonkeyDust> seel  wubi creates a space inside windows, dual-booting alongside windows
[16:02] <ThinkT510> seel: wubi is a ubuntu installation in a file inside windows (avoid using it if possible)
[16:03] <seel> ThinkT510: well, I'm using wubi atm as I can't install ubuntu on here
[16:03] <ThinkT510> seel: wubi was never meant as a long term solution, more of a testing ground before a proper install
[16:04] <BluesKaj> seel, wubi isn't a real install , it's afile the runs in windows
[16:07] <seel> so does wubi still allow windows to get something like a virus or any other crap using windows might have happen?
[16:07] <xente> seel: no, not if you are booting ubuntu in wubi
[16:08] <MonkeyDust> seel  wubi will get you frustrated, it's a pseudo-install, you'll think ubuntu is no good
[16:08] <xente> wubi is a great solution, but bad disk performance
[16:08] <k1l> seel: i recommend to avaoid wubi
[16:08] <ThinkT510> seel: if wubi has access to your windows partition then yes, files (including viruses) can get transfered to windows
[16:09] <denisnikulin> seel: no, any virus from windows won't affect your wubi ubuntu installation
[16:09] <k1l> wubi installs a ubuntu into a container into the windows partition. i recommend to do a native ubuntu install on seperate partitions
[16:10] <xente> the problem with wubi is limited to poor disk performance, file system corruption if there is a crash (on both the windows side and linux side) but other than that, it's just fine.  a native install has much better disk performance. other than that, it's just fine
[16:13] <k1l> xente: most supporters here dont like wubi because of that problems. they are quite common. thats what i mean. its theoretically a good feature.
[16:28] <seel> and even though is required to login to windows (grr lol) it's better than wubi though a dual-boot is obviously the best choice other than a full install?
[16:32] <arunkumar413> BEC: yes i installed ubuntu inside windows (wubi)
[16:34] <BEC> arunkumar413, honestly I never tried wubi; just a sec
[16:39] <BEC> check this:
[16:39] <BEC> arunkumar413, you don't have to make a new partition; only free some space & use it from the wubi installer
[16:40] <BEC> arunkumar413, also here's the ubuntu community page:
[02:05] <Sylphie> Dammit \ you mean something like wubi?
[02:06] <Dammit> the .iso is whre the wubi shouls be
[05:30] <cfhowlett> BroUnicorn, *wubi* shudder.  FYI: wubi is for TESTING ubuntu, not long term installation according to the developers.  Dual booting is the preferred method.  To fix the windows boot you need to use the windows disk and "repair/recover"
[05:32] <memand> I must say that I have never used wubi, so I'm on bare ground here...
[05:34] <memand> BroUnicorn: Is there a specific reason you installed it with wubi? And Is there anything very critical you don't want to loose on the drive?
[05:37] <memand> BroUnicorn: Again I don't have experience with wubi, but it sounds like a fair assumption
[05:38] <memand> cfhowlett: do you know how wubi actually works?
[05:40] <memand> cfhowlett: I'm really not conviced that wubi is a good idea...
[05:41] <cfhowlett> memand, interestingly, in 12.10, wubi was removed from the iso.  You can still get it but ...
[05:42] <memand> cfhowlett: I just dont see the scenario where you would want to go with wubi instead of just trying it from the live disk
[05:43] <cfhowlett> memand, a little research goes a long way.  As I recall, wubi seemed less dangerous than trying to set up dual booting.  Of course, when wubi flamed out with the grub 2 upgrade, I was compelled to reconsider
[06:35] <memand> BroUnicorn: but i really recomend getting rid of wubi and going for a dual boot system if you really need windoze
[06:37] <BroUnicorn> memand: What even is wubi?
[06:38] <memand> BroUnicorn: ok, then you don't have wubi. I just understood you had a wubi install...
[13:58] <geektech713> maybe if you did Wubi thru windows 8
[18:08] <koolaidmini> wubi*
[07:12] <mighty2361> any1 knows how can I install ubuntu (wubi) with more than 30 gbs?
[07:12] <nearst> ubuntu from wubi and set harddisk to 30gb for installation? that what u mean?
[07:13] <dr_willis> after the install, you can enlarge your wubi hd/save file i belive
[11:20] <anomalous> Hello. I just freshly installed this ubuntu from the wubi windows installer. To give you a bit of background, I am an archlinux user who installed windows for gaming. Frustrated, I decided to give ubuntu a spin. Upon booting up my new ubuntu, I open  terminal and sudo apt-get install wine. This is the output:  wine : Depends: wine1.4 but it is not going to be installed. how do I get wine to install, please?
[11:25] <MonkeyDust> anomalous  the problem is wubi
[11:27] <anomalous> MonkeyDust: is wubi not a true linux install, and some kind of nested nonsense?
[11:27] <Slart> "nested nonsense" is perhaps the best description of wubi I've heard in a long time =)
[11:30] <Slart> anomalous: I'm not really sure how wubi does what it does, never used it myself
[11:30] <MonkeyDust> anomalous  jokingly: wubi = will ultimately be inefficient, better read this
[11:32] <anomalous> I must admit, the only reason I decided to give ubuntu another try was the uber-cool phone os video. this wubi blunder is making me want to forget ubuntu exists again and spend the next 3 hours hacking arch back into functionality
[11:33] <MonkeyDust> anomalous  i guess wubi is below your level and skills
[11:50] <anomalous> don't mind my bitterness/sinnicism, 6:50am on my birthday, haven't slept, wubi is breaking around me, now compiz is glitching the alpha on the screen
[11:50] <k1l> anomalous: dont use wubi
[11:51] <MonkeyDust> anomalous  wubi is the problem, not ubuntu
[11:52] <Guest7269> Why is Wubin hte official ISO when it doesn't work properly?
[12:02] <bazhang> ChronicleX, wubi?
[12:02] <ChronicleX> Squarism:  use wubi installer
[12:03] <MonkeyDust> Squarism  it's called wubi, a pseudo-installation, better don't start struggling with it
[12:05] <k1l_> ChronicleX: the problem is that wubi install is tied to the windows. so if a problem in windows accurs its messing up ubunut too
[12:06] <MonkeyDust> ChronicleX  another user got terribly frustrated by wubi, just minutes ago
[12:06] <petergk> wubi is an image loader as I see
[18:42] <SonikkuAmerica> disharmonic: It's supported, but can't be installed with Wubi past 12.04
[18:47] <disharmonic> SonikkuAmerica, Wubi is the windows installer?
[18:47] <SonikkuAmerica> !wubi | disharmonic
[18:47] <ubottu> disharmonic: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. and for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10
[20:24] <SonikkuAmerica> gmrple: What a pretty you trying to do? Wubi?
[20:25] <SonikkuAmerica> Native or Wubi though?
[07:02] <pablo_> is that WUBI tool the one
[07:02] <dr_willis> avoid wubi..
[07:02] <dr_willis> avoid wubi  like its the plague
[07:09] <pablo_> where does Wubi get the iso from?
[07:12] <pablo_> if i mount the ISO and run wubi.exe
[07:13] <jason32423> is wubi standalone?  does it not need windows?
[07:14] <ForSpareParts> pablo_, If memory serves, that would actually do a "Wubi Install" of Ubuntu to your flash drive. It sounds like you want plain old "bootable Ubuntu on a flash drive," right?
[07:24] <ForSpareParts> Wubi's a pretty decent way to try Ubuntu, as well, if you don't need to be able to take it between computers.
[07:26] <pablo_> i probably should have done wubi
[07:26] <pablo_> ive used wubi before
[07:39] <Fonsie> can anybody give me the readers digest version of what wubi is?
[07:39] <IdleOne> !wubi
[07:39] <ubottu> Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. and for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10
[07:40] <Fonsie> can i use wubi to install lubuntu without getting rid of windows (duel boot)
[07:50] <Fonsie> can i use wubi to install lubuntu without removing windows (duel boot)
[15:19] <Chanel> BTW Wubi wont help for minimal installation right?
[15:19] <k1l> Chanel: dont go with wubi.
[15:37] <k1l> Nikita19: dont go with wubi. make a real instllation on seperate partitions
[15:54] <nick13371992> hi i have a problem, i have installed ubuntu from wubi and now when i want to start Ubuntu there's an error -  C:\ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mdr couldn't be opened
[15:55] <nick13371992> hi i have a problem, i have installed ubuntu from wubi and now when i want to start Ubuntu there's an error -  C:\ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mdr couldn't be opened
[15:55] <k1l> nick13371992: dont use wubi. make a real installationa
[16:24] <atlef> devvrat, full install, wubi, vbox or?
[16:24] <magik_> if your using wubi devvrat it's gonna be slow.
[05:47] <Rabblerouser> I just messed up my Wubi install. :S
[05:51] <Rabblerouser> I'll just reinstall the Wubi thing
[05:52] <Rabblerouser> At least I think they USED to call it Wubi.
[05:52] <dr_willis> better to avoid wubi
[11:01] <fig> use Wubi, you can install Ubuntu with no DVD over your Windows installation
[11:04] <fig> The nice thing about using Wubi is you can access your Windows files as if they're in just another file
[11:06] <ActionParsnip> fig: accessing windows partitions isn't unique to wubi installs
[11:07] <fig> using Wubi rather than checking another harddrive partition
[11:08] <ActionParsnip> fig: you can do that in a non-wubi install
[11:11] <ActionParsnip> fig: no, I just understand how NTFS degrades over time, this affects the wubi disk file directly
[11:12] <ActionParsnip> fig: the ONLY good thing about Wubi imho is that the host partition is mapped automagically for you, otherwise the fact that wubi is so fragile makes it not suitable for long term use
[11:13] <ActionParsnip> fig: and fixing it is far from easy via liveCD (mount ntfs, loop mount wubi file etc).
[03:19] <SonikkuAmerica> dr_willis: I've done both versions of Ubuntu (both hard install and Wubi) and 32 performed better than 64, I think however the reasons are obvious.
[04:24] <dr_willis> the windows installer = wubi
[04:34] <Transhumanist> Oh, you mean Wubi?
[04:34] <Transhumanist> That's Wubi
[04:35] <Transhumanist> Wubi isn't what you want. That Windows installer isn't what you want. It's something rather different and less stable.
[04:36] <Transhumanist> well it's just capped at 30gb for the Wubi install
[04:37] <Transhumanist> Wubi installs Ubuntu on an ext filesystem on TOP of an NTFS file system, whilst keeping whatever was already on the NTFS file system intact
[12:24] <ServerPawn> I just installed Unbutu to dual boot on a win 8 machine, however now when I select Ubuntu as the OS to start it takes me to a screen where it says file \ubuntu\winboot\wubildir.mbr isnt working. then gives a status of OxC000007B. Any ideas how to fix this, first time Ubuntu user...sorry if this is a silly question
[13:50] <magik_> zetheroo, I've had that happen before but only when I was a real newb and used wubi till I found the video,  I have seen on forums before links on a grub disc
[18:02] <jrtappers> Hello, is there a way to run a live CD from grub on wubi
[18:05] <jrtappers> Hello, is there a way to run a live CD from grub on wubi, I would like to be able to try linux live cd's on my laptop with wubi
[18:06] <klixa> jrtappers live cd's can be run all by theselves without grub OR wubi
[18:09] <klixa> jrtappers perhaps iso's can br run virtually with grub, wubi or whatever, but i have NO clue how that works…sorry
[19:41] <EntropyAnn> I used wubi to install 12.04 (the stable release) on some spare hard drive space for dual boot. I immediately got a PFN List Corrupt BSOD upon restart attempt. My Win 7 sector still boots, obv, but I'm not sure what the fix action is for the Ubuntu sector. Thoughts?
[19:43] <ven0m> EntropyAnn: Not sure about wubi. How bout lili or unetbootin
[19:45] <EntropyAnn> Ven0m: haven't tried those. I just used wubi since the ubuntu website provided it, figured it would be most stable install tool
[19:45] <ven0m> I've tried wubi a couple of times. Never worked for me. not sure if it's just me though
[23:53] <atlef> stijn, it seems you used wubi, maybe you should try to boot from the cd/usb to test it live first
[23:54] <anonymous> I remember using Wubi as an Ubuntu noob...*shiver*.
[23:55] <anonymous> It just so happened to occur at this time, unrelated to Wubi, Wubi still sucks though.
[08:07] <fas> Wubi is pretty good, but kinda slow
[08:08] <kunji> fas: Wubi isn't really slow, Wubi installs are also not virtual machines.
[08:09] <fas> wubi is sightly better at keeping win8 in tact though compared to dual booting
[08:09] <phoenixsampras> what is wubi?
[08:10] <WhiteRook> Wubi is a loader for windows systems i think
[08:10] <somsip> !wubi | phoenixsampras
[08:10] <ubottu> phoenixsampras: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. and for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10
[08:10] <fas> kunji: yup. I still prefer dual boot to Wubi though
[09:10] <Guest64524> cant get wifi drivers in a wubi install, any thoughts?
[04:50] <Hebbes> Wubi DVD and liveUSB all do the same thing
[04:51] <Hebbes> ripthejacker Wubi DVD and liveUSB all do the same thing
[10:28] <jrtappers> devnull_, wubi fresh install a while ago, 12.04.1
[11:28] <jrtappers> Xabster, the easiest way to try ubuntu not on a live cd/usb is wubi
[11:28] <Xabster> wubi?
[17:59] <jrtappers> can I copy files from one wubi install disk to another? I have a backup of some files on a wubi disk
[18:00] <jrtappers> I have got a backup of /usr/lib/ but its on a wubi disk
[18:05] <jrtappers> kylescottmcgill, can I use an old copy of the wubi root disk to fix this , copy some files over?
[18:06] <jrtappers> It was built on my machine, this si just a copy of the wubi disks from a week or so ago
[19:58] <Anunaki> i just installed ubuntu 12.10 gnome via wubi. bluetooth isnt working...
[19:59] <Jordan_U> Anunaki: I highly recommend against using Wubi, though that's almost certainly not the cause of your bluetooth problems.
[16:56] <M4532098> I need help. How do install Ubuntu alongside windows using the ubuntu installer? (Wubi.exe)
[16:57] <k1l> M4532098: i would recommend not to use a wubi install
[16:58] <usr13> M4532098: wubi is not for installing alongside windows, it is for just installing a psuedo Ubuntu INSIDE windows, (just on the ntfs filesystem).  You need the regular Ubuntu install CD (or USB), to install alongside windows, (and have a dual boot system).
[18:48] <paull> do you think it could be because i installed ubuntu inside windows with wubi?
[07:19] <ubuntun00b> Anyone here well versed with issues concerning wubi installations?
[07:20] <dr_willis> ubuntun00b:  i would say - its best to avoid wubi whenever possible
[07:22] <tripelb> ubuntun00b:  avoid wubi.
[07:22] <ubuntun00b> I re-sized my Wubi install using the official manual from the website. After successfully completing the re-sizing, and successfully booting into Ubuntu via Wubi, I thought everything was great, except that it could not detect that I had enlarged the available disk space by 20GB.
[07:24] <tripelb> ubuntun00b:  wubi has imafinary if windows falters oe booted, aay different hardware then all your quni data is gone .. like mu.ponyo.disk image :(
[07:24] <dr_willis> ubuntun00b:  its possible to mount the wubi hd image from a live ccd and get files from it,
[07:27] <dr_willis> ubuntun00b:  the wubi hd is a  file on the windows drivce. you can mount it via mounts loopback file feature
[07:27] <dr_willis> i dont use wubi. so cant walk ya through it. I dont know th efile names.. ;)
[07:28] <dr_willis> the same can be done for a casper-rw file also. I recall others doing it for the wubi files. but ive never done so
[10:26] <auronandace> inverse: avoid wubi if you can
[10:26] <dr_willis> inverse:  thats 'wubi' ....  dont use wubi.
[10:27] <inverse> okie well i want to install it on my hard drive, is there another way to do that without using Wubi?
[10:28] <inverse> just out of curiosity, what's wrong with Wubi?
[10:31] <inverse> doesn't Wubi create the partition itself once it starts to install Ubuntu?
[13:56] <blez> I can't find the wubi for ubuntu 12.10
[13:57] <PatrickDickey> !wubi | blez This might point you in the right direction.
[13:57] <ubottu> blez This might point you in the right direction.: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. and for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10
[13:57] <Pici> blez:
[13:59] <BluesKaj> blez, if you intend to become a serious ubuntu user then wubi isn't like a full install of the OS gives you an idea of what ubuntu is about that's all
[13:59] <PatrickDickey> Also blez, a lot of people come in here with issues because of wubi.
[14:00] <seednode> BluesKaj, I've never had issues with Wubi; installs with it have been just as stable as fresh installs.
[14:08] <blez> I already downloaded it from
[14:08] <BluesKaj> seednode, you can boot directly into the wubi/ubuntu file , but it's still running inside windows , not on top., if you want to run windows and ubuntu , dual booting is the best method
[14:11] <BluesKaj> !wubi | seednode
[14:11] <ubottu> seednode: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. and for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10
[14:11] <ThinkT510> a vm will always be safer than wubi
[14:13] <blez> PatrickDickey the thing is, that I'm having a tablet/laptop with Intel Atom, it has Windows 8, but I want to dual boot ubuntu. I just got a new minisd card and I'm trying wubi
[14:13] <seednode> I'm curious; if wubi is that unsafe AND convoluted, why does Canonical distribute it?
[14:14] <cfhowlett> seednode, wubi is for testing.  used as it's intended, it's great
[14:17] <blez> damn wubi
[17:27] <MonkeyDust> another wubi issue?
[17:28] <kicklighter> a plain install with your furfilness in handman craft an you see it works even better
[02:13] <julian-delphiki> and when you do install, just check out wubi
[02:17] <BillyZane> i'm googling wubi
[02:17] <daftykins> BillyZane: WUBI is a seriously, seriously bad idea.
[02:18] <julian-delphiki> wubi isnt a bad idea, it works, its just kind of easy to break
[13:32] <MonkeyDust> samadhan  wubi?
[13:33] <samadhan> wubi.exe
[01:16] <ActionParsnip> Dantes: did you install using Wubi, or did you resize ntfs and install to the freed space?
[03:22] <ActionParsnip> josif: did you install using Wubi?
[06:26] <Need> Hey all. i am having issues dual booting. i have done the non wubi install with no issues in the past with a different pc. ive installed it, i dont get a grub menu, ive used easy bcd to no avail. i am ona gigabyte uefi motherboard
[19:32] <IOmegaZ> C:\user\Owner\appdate\local\temp\wubi-12.10-rev273.log
[20:53] <Loakian> Hi all, im having some problem with wubi. Installed and when im booting up it stucked in logon screen and with the error on GPU lockup..

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wubi migration/resize script user support

One thing I liked about the Tips & Tutorial section on was that users could post questions, give information, read others' questions and see the answers, etc. in a single place. From my point of view, in addition to being able to help users, I got great feedback as to how my scripts were used and what issues users were facing.

But the forums staff decided that the wiki's were the way to go. And I'm good with that (the reasons go beyond my own personal needs)... but I know that since that time, the once-regular questions have almost completely died away - and the support requests that I do see are randomly dispersed and often I don't get to see them until it's too late.

I'm specifically referring the Wubi migration and resize scripts that used to be here and here respectively. Now they are in the Wiki: and

So, where can users go for help or just to discuss some issues? I don't really know. Of course you're welcome to email, but then that's not shared with the community. You could open issues in github, but that's more for code issues than support.

At this time, I recommend creating a new support thread on, and then send me a PM there so I can come and find it. It means that the support requests will be watered down (not all in one place for other users to browse), but they'll still be searchable.