Friday, November 9, 2012

Wubi migration/resize script user support

One thing I liked about the Tips & Tutorial section on was that users could post questions, give information, read others' questions and see the answers, etc. in a single place. From my point of view, in addition to being able to help users, I got great feedback as to how my scripts were used and what issues users were facing.

But the forums staff decided that the wiki's were the way to go. And I'm good with that (the reasons go beyond my own personal needs)... but I know that since that time, the once-regular questions have almost completely died away - and the support requests that I do see are randomly dispersed and often I don't get to see them until it's too late.

I'm specifically referring the Wubi migration and resize scripts that used to be here and here respectively. Now they are in the Wiki: and

So, where can users go for help or just to discuss some issues? I don't really know. Of course you're welcome to email, but then that's not shared with the community. You could open issues in github, but that's more for code issues than support.

At this time, I recommend creating a new support thread on, and then send me a PM there so I can come and find it. It means that the support requests will be watered down (not all in one place for other users to browse), but they'll still be searchable.

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