Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weird clicking noise in Chrome

For anyone who is experiencing sound issues in Chrome, there is a workaround. I use the browser a lot and it's been making my Ubuntu experience very irritating lately. Videos have been impossible to listen too and even using Gmail has been irritating with a background 'static heartbeat' that runs continually.

It doesn't affect Firefox, so that's an option, but if you depend on Chrome like me... here's the fix:

1. Go to chrome://plugins/
2. Expand the Details (click plus sign on right side)
3. Disable the Pepperflash plugin

It looks like the issue is documented as a chromium issue in a number of places e.g. here and here.


  1. OMFG Thank you so much that was so annoying OMG!

  2. May the flying spaghetti monster bless you with a touch from his noodly appendage. This solved a problem that has pestered me for weeks!

  3. Thank you for this!! I havent run my laptop on battery for months because of this annoying sound! I wish I found this fix earlier!

  4. Thank you very much for this precious tip. It made my day ;-)

  5. Thank You. I am utilising windows XP. I had a constant click click click on all audio in chrome. Your article helped me to identify the flash plugins which i disabled. I tried to play a clip on the bbc website in chrome and got directed to install the latest version of adobe flash which i did and which has now cured the issue for me. I had tried updating flash directly several times before without any success.

  6. I had this popping sound in ubuntu 12.04 on my hp dv6 laptop, and I found this solution via this thread in the ubuntuforums:
    Thank you :)