Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Edubuntu - it burns!!!

Lately I've decided to use Edubuntu... But there have been some pain points, none more-so than the boot splash screen. You know, that white Edubuntu spash screen that modern laptops on full brightness just about shatter your retina as it boots? If all you know is the soothing Ubuntu purple screen (haha) then consider yourself fortunate.

So what can you do... surely you can just change it? Yeah, go to software center and search on boot and/or splash and/or eye's burning and ... nothing. But surely you know the boot process thing is called "Plymouth"? Oh yeah, okay try that... nothing!

No, you have to search on plymouth-theme. That will trick Software Center's advanced heuristic irritation algorithm to show you what you want!? (Why on earth would a search on plymouth not produce results that plymouth-theme produces?)

So, there it finally is - the Solar Theme I love. It's darker blues will soothe my eyes and not excite the senses (like that rude purple). Install it... bing, bang, boom, done!!! Ah, no, that's not the way it's done. It still comes up all whitey-brighty.

Well, duh, I didn't tell it to use Solar as default. How would it know!!! (Stupid me). What you obviously have to do is go to a terminal and run:
sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth
And select the number that matches the Solar Theme. Enjoy.

Please someone post a comment and tell me what I missed - there must be an easier way!!!

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